IronWire Super-Strong Cables

The Lightning cable strong enough to tow a car.

We are proud to announce the arrival of Ironwire by Echo in Australia at Keyring Solutions.

Fed up with wasting money on uncertified cables and delicate chargers that break easily?


Designed in the U.K. by the guys at Echo this cable is seriously tough. Tough enough to tow a car (Although, please don't try it at home!)

With a Kevlar/Nylon braided exterior this cable smashed sales on indiegogo and has now landed here in Australia.

Available in the perfect length of 1.5m as Apple MFi Certified Lightning (iPhone) and Android Micro-USB versions.

Also newly available is the 20cm Ironwire MINI featuring handy cord clip. Perfect to avoid tangles for use beside the laptop. Enjoy all the convenience and freedom you need for charging and syncing your device without the excess length.



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