Chipolo Bluetooth Keychain Phone and Item locator

Cant find your mobile phone or keys? This is the solution for you!

Using the latest in Bluetooth 4.0 technology here is the world's most colorful wallet finder and key locator!


  • Battery: CR2025; lasts approximately six months

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

  • Range: approximately 60 meters/200 feet

  • iOS version 7+, Android version 4.3+, or Windows Phone 8.1+

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There's only one good thing about losing your phone, and that's the relief you feel after you've called it, tracked down the sound of its ringtone, and wondered how it ended up buried under a pile of bills or trapped under all those dried-out pens and strange souvenirs you keep meaning to clean out of your purse. Looking for something that doesn't have a ringtone close enough for you to hear, whether it's a set of keys, the bicycle you thought you'd parked outside, or a phone stuck in silent mode, is even worse: after all, it's not like you can call your stuff and ask it where it is. Right?

The Chipolo is a device that links any object you attach it to with a smartphone app, allowing you to call up its location from your phone or PC. This Bluetooth-enabled disc is barely bigger than a coin, but it's powerful enough to track the item it's attached to throughout your home, throughout your neighbourhood, even to places outside your smartphone's range. The app that works with your Chipolo can tell you if you're close to what you're looking for if you're within about 60 meters of its line of sight; if it's linked to something farther away, the Chipolo can give you turn-by-turn directions to its last location. Because it's linked to your phone through the app, you can trace your phone's location without having a separate Chipolo assigned to it; just shake the Chipolo you have and your phone will chime and vibrate to reveal its location, even if it's on silent. If you're trying to keep track of an entire family's belongings, or you share a lot of stuff with your friends and roommates, you can create a network linked to your Chipolo (or Chipolos) that allows the people you trust to find the things you need. You can even assign it a name through the Chipolo app that tells you what item it's associated with, so you can flip through your tagged belongings until you find the item you're looking for.

  • Battery: CR2025; lasts approximately six months

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

  • Contents: Chipolo, key ring, extra battery, documentation

  • Dimensions: 35 mm/1.37 inches in diameter; 5 mm/0.2 inches thick

  • Range: approximately 60 meters/200 feet

  • System Requirements:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 

  • iOS version 7+, Android version 4.3+, or Windows Phone 8.1+

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Customer Reviews

Great! But not lost my keys yet Review by Millsy
Fun so far and not worried about the kids getting my keys now. There's lots of options and features on the app that I have not tried yet but all in all its quality. 5/5. I'll post a new review should I have to actually find them using it. (Posted on 6/09/2015)


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