Bico Keyrings

Art meets engineering excellence in the production of the KeyKlipz Titanium Carabiner Keyring by Bico Australia. Featuring a unique double-gated uni-body design, this allows easy removal of keys and safe enclosure.
Precision cut using Electrical Discharge Wire-cutting (EDW), each piece is cut from a solid sheet of specifically selected Grade 5 (6AL 4V) Titanium. Following this each piece is acid washed, hand ground before being tumbled for 24 hours in rocks and a special solution then re-finished on all surfaces by hand to create the burnished surfaces.
This process has been fine-tuned and results in an intensely strong yet beautiful keyring that will stand the test of time.
Bico Australia was founded in 1995 near Bondi Beach Australia. Since then Bico has become a global brand distributed to over 25 countries producing amazing tribal jewellery and metalwork. Their attention to detail, design and years of experience has brought to market a fantastic gadget, the Keyklipz Titanium Keyring carabiner.

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